He's free! The Amazing Hamweenie, legend in his own mind, hero to millions of adoring fans who have yet to meet him, has finally escaped the evil clutches of the little girl who showers him with love and stuffs him full of delectable treats. Where will our tortured star go? To the circus, of course! The spotlight of center ring beckons him -- the elephants, monkeys, and tigers in desperate need of a leader. Hamweenie will gift them with his presence!

So why is it that his greatness goes unappreciated? Does no one recognize a true star when they see one?

In this companion to The Amazing Hamweenie, Patty Bowman brings a touch of Edward Gorey,  a dash of Stewie Griffin, a pinch of Grumpy Cat, and even a shake of Maru to the secret mind of one adorable pet cat.

The Amazing Hamweenie Escapes!

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