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About Owl Post Books

Owl Post Books is the perfect gift for a little reader, parent to be, or favorite teacher!


Owl Post Books is a fun and interactive monthly book subscription for children!  We have Imagination Boxes and Book of the Month Subscriptions for

ages 0-3, 4-7, 8-11 and YA. 

Owl Post Books was created with a singular mission in mind, to provide amazing quality books in a convenient and fun way that is affordable for anyone!


How it Works

Step 1: 

Order your preferred subscription (month to month or for 3, 6, or 12 months)

Step 2: 

All orders are shipped between the 1st and 4th of each month.

Step 3: 

Give your little reader the gift of imagination!


$14.99 Monthly

Book of the Month Subscription

You will receive one brand new children's book in a colorful mailer every month! Book of the Month subscriptions can be ordered for ages 0-3, 4-7, 8-11 and YA. Learn more about Book of the Month Subscriptions.

$32.99 Monthly

Imagination Box Subscription

Imagination Boxes have 3 hand selected, age appropriate books, a themed toy, an interactive box and theme card that comes every month! Imagination Box Subscriptions are available for ages 0-3, 4-7, and 8-11.  Learn more about the Imagination Box Subscription.

$29.99 Monthly

YA Writer's Subscription

The Reader and Writer box will include a brand new YA book plus writing materials that every modern writer will love.  Learn More about the Writer Subscription!


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